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Shear Gauge

  • Flat Bar Finishing Line

    Flat Bar Finishing LineThis machine is used for grinding the inner bore oxide skin and the flaw of steel pipe to reach the needed surface quality required by customers. Then we can increase the economic benefit of enterprise. This machine can do the steel pipe surface skin peeling off grinding in a full-automatic way controlled by the PLC, with easy operation and convenient maintenance.

  • Shear Strain Gauges

    Shear Strain GaugesThis equipment installation is behind that of hot saw machine and provided for the matching of hot rolling sizing. Our company can design and manufacture various specifications and different structure type shear gauges according to the requirements of customers.

  • High Quality Chamfering Machine for Steel Pipe/tube

    High Quality Chamfering Machine for Steel Pipe/tube1.Application This equipment is designed for the flat end of steel pipe chamfering special equipment. From the feeding, forward delivery, positive alignment, clamping, chamfering, flat end, stepping, reverse delivery, reverse alignment, clamping, chamfering, flat end, stepping to feed Collect...

  • Wheel Saw Machine

    Wheel Saw MachineThe abrasion wheel saw belongs to the high speed saw cutting equipment and is mainly used for the saw cutting in cold and hot steel state. The product structure type can be divided into lever-type and slide carriage type. Its main specification mainly contains φ1000mm, φ1250mm, φ1600mm, etc. The equipment has the characteristics of good cut incision, no trimming and no burrs. It is used with the shear gauge and can realize the automatic sizing cutting off on assembly line.