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The use of steel pipe finishing equipment and the requirements of technical requirements Dec 26, 2017

Steel pipe finishing equipment is a kind of equipment used for steel pipe finishing, so it can be called steel pipe finishing equipment. The recognition and understanding of this kind of equipment can be very rewarding, because it can help the actual work to expand and carry out, and ensure the quality of the work. So, let's start with this work so that you can have a good learning effect.

1.Does the amount of finishing after perforation of the blank affect the output of the steel tube?

In the production process of high quality steel pipe, especially high quality stainless steel pipe, no matter which technology is applied, the finishing equipment for steel pipe will still be used, so this is a necessary equipment. Moreover, after the billet perforation, the finishing amount of the steel tube finishing equipment will affect the output of the steel pipe. Meanwhile, the quality of inner wall defect clearance after perforation will also affect the quality of the steel pipe.

2.Are the inner and outer walls of a small caliber steel pipe required to be fined?

The inner and outer walls of the small diameter steel pipes are all required to be fined. Therefore, small diameter steel pipe needs to use the steel tube finishing equipment, and the small diameter steel pipe can be processed adaptively in the processing process, so as to get good processing quality, and at the same time, it has good processing effect.

3.The two operations of rolling mill and finishing, which one is more important?

The two operations of rolling and finishing are all in rolling production. However, if comparison is made, steel rolling should be more important than finishing. Therefore, the importance of the rolling mill is higher, and the attention of the steel tube finishing equipment is lower. In addition, it is also necessary to know that the more simple the equipment in the rolling mill is, the more important the post is.

4.Should the relevant requirements and technology of steel pipe finishing equipment be written to the technical requirements of the drawing and form a standard procedure?

The relevant requirements and techniques of the steel pipe finishing equipment should be written into the technical requirements of the drawing and form a standard procedure. Because the finishing process of steel tube finishing equipment is quite a lot, and with the progress of science and technology, there are new requirements and operation modes, so we should write clearly, in order to proceed correctly and avoid mistakes.