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The illustration of the heat treatment in the square billet production line and how to get the billet steel Oct 08, 2017

【Summary】For the square billet production line, from the name we can know that it is used to produce the square billet. And the related knowledge is needed to carry on specific study, understanding and mastery, so that we can firmly grasp, and then be familiar with this kind of production line. Therefore, in order to achieve above purposes, the following will be used in the form of question and answer to ensure the learning effect.

圆方的方坯生产线 图片   .jpg

1. Does it also include the square billet finishing line in the square billet production line?

The square billet finishing line is used to finishing the square billet, so as to improve the performance of the finished product and have good use effect. Therefore, Whether to use it is based on the actual situation and requirements. Moreover, it and the square billet production line are two different concepts and two different production lines. Therefore, to this question, the answer is yes.

2. What benefit can it bring if using the induction heat treatment In the square billet production line? Whether continuous cast steel can be used to produce blank, so as to prepare for square billet?

The heat treatment in the square billet production line, if adopting the induction heat treatment, its advantage is high degree of automation, which can improve work efficiency and reduce the manual operation. The continuous cast steel is the process of cooling the liquid steel, and then cutting the billet after solidification. So, the billet is obtained and can be used to make the square billet.

3.Is there a step named hot rolling in the process from square billet to billet steel?

Through the square billet production line, we can get the square billet. And if we want to further get the billet steel, then we need to go through some process steps, so as to achieve the purpose. Therefore, the billet produced by the square billet production line, and then through the hot rolling process, it can obtain the billet steel. Then billet steel can be used for subsequent use, or direct use.