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Safety operation rules for continuous casting and the rolling process of the square billet production line Nov 14, 2017

The square billet production line is a kind of production line which is used to produce and manufacture the square billet. Therefore, the product produced by the production line is square billet,instead of  other products. Therefore, we should have a comprehensive understanding about it, so that the correct use of the production line can be achieved, and then the desired effect can be obtained.

1. Safety operation rules for continuous casting of the square billet production line

(1) Check the equipment and device used in continuous casting operation, whether it can be used normally, and whether there is any abnormality or problem. If there is something wrong,deal with it in time.

(2)If the equipment is to be maintained and repaired, the power supply should be cut off and the warning signs should be suspended to prevent the danger or accident from closing.

(3)When the continuous casting equipment is working, it is strictly prohibited to adjust, maintain and repair. In addition, these work should be carried out by a dedicated person, and other personnel should not be able to carry out the work.

2. The influence of product range and material requirements of the production line

The main product of the square billet production line is square billet. However, the billet is a large class, which can also be divided. Therefore,  there are a lot of specific products of the production line, such as bar strip, small square billet and bloom. Therefore, for different products, there are different materials, parameters and technical requirements. And these have certain influence on the requirements and production process of the square billet production line, and then appears difference.

3. The rolling process of the square billet production line

The square billet production line has a lot of equipment, and will use a lot of technology, such as rolling. In the rolling process, it is generally hot rolling, because of the good rolling effect, and is also very suitable for the square billet.

The hot rolling on the billet production line is to send the continuously cast bloom into the heating furnace first, and then use the rolling mill to make the hot rolling operation to make the material become the required size. However, if necessary, the primary rolling and cogging should be done first. Then send in to the hot rolling line to hot roll. In this way, the hot rolling effect can be guaranteed and some problems can be avoided.