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Round steel wheel chamfering machine Sep 05, 2017

Round steel wheel chamfering machine, is used to remove the hot-rolled bar at both ends of the special equipment, to improve the appearance of steel quality, and finishing the process to provide a reliable guarantee. Which comprises a grinder unit 1 and a helical support conveyance roller 2 which comprises a bracket 13 and a plurality of helical rollers 8, the plurality of helical rollers 8 being obliquely mounted on the bracket 13, the grinding wheel unit 1 being placed on the helical support conveying roller And the center of the grill 5 is arranged parallel to the axis of the helical roll 8 of the helical support conveying roller 2 and is mounted at an angle to the axis of the round bar. The utility model is uniform for the chamfering of the round bar.

Round steel wheel chamfering machine is not only suitable for high hardness and tough metal parts of the burrs to remove, and also to the specific parts of the workpiece processing, the role of the metal manufacturing industry is very strong.

steel tube chamfering machine4.jpg