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CNC elbow boring and milling machine main parameters and maintenance Mar 19, 2018

The numerically controlled elbow boring and milling machine is, in essence, a boring and milling machine. However, if it is compared with an ordinary boring and milling machine, it has certain differences. For example, a numerical control system is used. The boring and milling machine is called a CNC elbow boring and milling machine. The following is a study and understanding of CNC boring and milling machines in the CNC elbow. Through the explanation of related knowledge, the equipment can be used correctly.


1. Application of CNC elbow boring and milling machine

CNC elbow boring and milling machine, which is a type of boring and milling machine, and it is a processing equipment more common in the processing industry, is a combination of the function of boring machine and milling machine, plus numerical control system, thus, to improve Equipment processing efficiency and product processing quality, at the same time, can effectively reduce the intensity of manual operations.


2. Tools in CNC elbow boring and milling machines

In the CNC elbow boring and milling machine, it can be said that the tool is an important part, and it is also an essential part, because if there is no tool, the work can not be performed smoothly, and if the tool quality or performance is not good, it will affect The processing effect and product quality to the equipment. Therefore, suitable tool materials should be selected, and the processing efficiency should be improved as much as possible under the premise of meeting the processing requirements.


3. Spindle structure in boring and milling machine in CNC elbow

In the CNC elbow boring and milling machine, the spindle structure is an important structure, and in the spindle structure, the bearing and the motor are two important components. In general, it is required to use bearings with good performance and quality to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. The motor is installed on the spindle box, and should also have good performance and use effect.


4. CNC elbow boring and milling machine parameters and maintenance

The numerical parameters of the elbow boring and milling machine in the CNC elbow must be five, which are the diameter of the boring axis, the vertical stroke of the spindle box, the lateral stroke of the column, the power of the main motor and the weight of the equipment. The maintenance of this machine tool is mainly to do its daily cleaning and lubrication work. In addition, it should be regularly lubricated. In the operation of the equipment, it must also be correct and standardized, so as to ensure and extend the service life of the boring mill.