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Analysis of determinants of steel pipe finishing equipment and whether welded pipe production is used Oct 15, 2018

The steel pipe finishing equipment is a series of equipment used for finishing the steel pipe, so that the steel pipe has good finishing quality and finishing effect. However, it is necessary to have a thorough understanding in order to operate and use the device correctly, in order to achieve the above purposes, and to avoid problems in the use of the device.


1. Is the steel pipe finishing equipment available for the production of welded pipes?

Welded pipe, from a professional point of view, it is a kind of steel pipe, which is a high-frequency welding of steel pipe to obtain the finished product, so this kind of steel pipe is called welded pipe. In the production process of this type of steel pipe, steel pipe finishing equipment is used to finish the steel pipe. Moreover, the use of steel pipe finishing equipment can also bring some benefits, namely:


(1) For tube blank material and steel pipe size, it can have good adaptability, and can be finished by the other side and rectangular tube.

(2) The operation process of the equipment has the characteristics of no pollution and low noise, and does not generate exhaust gas and waste water. In addition, PLC control can be used to achieve automatic operation and reduce the intensity of manual work.


2. Which is the decision between the steel pipe finishing equipment and the steel pipe finishing line?

Steel pipe finishing equipment, which can be used in steel pipe finishing line, however, it is necessary to know which steel pipe finishing equipment is used for the steel pipe finishing line, because different steel pipe finishing lines, or steel pipe fines What finishing operations will be carried out on the whole line, which steel pipe finishing equipment is used, which is the type of steel pipe finishing equipment. Therefore, it should be selected and determined according to the steel pipe finishing line category and specific finishing operations. Steel pipe finishing equipment.


3. Can the steel pipe finishing line be automatically controlled on the transmission system? Will the finishing equipment be used?

The steel pipe finishing line can be automatically controlled on the transmission system, and this operation mode is not difficult to implement and carry out, and the working efficiency of the finishing line can be improved. However, on its equipment, steel pipe finishing equipment will not be used, but other equipment or equipment will be used, as steel pipe finishing equipment does not include this aspect.


4. Does the steel pipe manufacturing process affect the selection of steel pipe finishing equipment?

The manufacturing process of steel pipes, from the current point of view, there are two hot rolling and cold drawing. Moreover, the two manufacturing processes are also different in the process, the former is for round tube billet → heating → perforation → three-roll cross-rolling, continuous rolling or extrusion → pipe removal → sizing or reducing diameter → cooling → blank tube → Straightening → Hydraulic test or flaw detection → Marking → Storage, the latter has some differences. Therefore, based on this, we can draw a conclusion: for the steel pipe manufacturing process, which will affect the selection of steel pipe finishing equipment, because the different manufacturing processes of the steel pipe will make the steel pipe have different properties, and then, it will affect the steel pipe Selection and determination of the entire device.